Project_05 | Youl Hwa Dang Publishing House

GMIT Arch. Techn. Second Year | Design & Details Studies Project Autodesk AutoCAD 2D & 3D | Steel Structure, Aluminium Cladding and Curtain Wall

BSc.  Degree  in  Architectural  Technology second year final project went  through  the regulatory knowledge needed to design a steel structure construction building, showing great attention to detail. This is a four storey office building with Continue reading


Project_04 | Galway Docks Mixed-Use Building

GMIT Arch. Techn. Third Year | Design & Details Studies Project

Autodesk Revit & AutoCAD | Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Structure, Timber Cladding and Double Glazed Façade

BSc. Degree in Architectural Technology third year final project went through the technical and regulatory knowledge needed to design a concrete structure construction building. This five storey mixed-use building consisted of a car park basement; a library Continue reading

Project_03 | Cerrito de la Virgen Community Centre

Volunteer Work “At Otra Cosa Network”| Huanchaco, Peru

Autodesk Revit | Reinforced Concrete Structure & Cavity Blockwork Walls

Community Centre of Cerrito de la Virgen project aims to build a public community centre in which there will be all kinds  of  workshops  and  activities  with  the  aim of empowering the community through the arts and culture, education and capacity-building, and also through the promotion  of active participation and involvement in community life. Continue reading

Project_02 | Design School Loughborough

GMIT Arch. Techn. Four Year | BIM Project

Autodesk Revit | Reinforced Concrete & Aluminium Cladding Building Fabric 

BSc.  (Hons)  in  Architectural Technology final project in BIM was designed to bring together the skills and techniques required to produce  documentation  and a virtual model for a significant  project. Continue reading

Project_01 | Ballyglunin Art Gallery

GMIT Arch. Techn. Four Year | Design & Details Studies Project

Project Autodesk Revit | Hempcrere & Timber Frame Building Fabric


There is growing concern about the impact of human activity on the Earth’s resources.  Utilising resources in a sustainable manner is a challenge;  it involves considering every point of their  life-cycle, avoiding  over-exploitation  and  reducing the environmental and  social impact of their use.   Continue reading